A generation of highly processed...

A generation of highly processed...

A generation of highly processed...

Today I would like to draw your attention to the biological value of the foods we eat, starting with bread, cheese, sauces, pasta, dumplings, sweets and microwaveable ready-made dishes. You know :) "dishes in 5 minutes" Each of the products I mentioned above is highly processed (packed with chemicals) and very harmful to the human body, both for adults and children.

But wait a minute ... every other parent tells me that at a young age you can eat literally everything at any time, on the principle that "the child runs out of it, he will not get fat, so he is healthy" Unfortunately, nothing could be more wrong. From a young age, we work on our well-being and health in the future.

Rzeka Mleka | FiT Muscle PL


It is not without reason that I mention this topic, because I often hear that milk improves its taste and is very healthy for bones. Shop milk is not healthy, it is a diluted product subjected to pasteurization, i.e. heated to a temperature of approx. 150 ° C. As a result of this process, organic calcium, which is the building block of bone, turns into inorganic one, which will not build anything, even harm. In this form, calcium creates degenerations in the body called calcifications, which include atherosclerotic changes in blood vessels. More to say, the milk from the stores comes from artificial inseminated cows that are treated in a mildly unethical way.

For humans, healthy milk is mother's milk, not cow's. So, milk-based products such as cheese, yoghurt or milk sandwiches also decalcify bones. Frequently served to children, they harm not only the bones, but also the intestines, which are known to be responsible for many functions in the human body. The intestines control our thought processes and have a huge impact on the condition of the tendons and joint mobility. I would like to make you aware that the consumption of dairy products in the future leads to rheumatic pains, atherosclerotic lesions or osteoporosis, it is very harmful to the skin ... and here I am a tribute to teenagers who are notoriously struggling with the problem of acne, which is largely (if not completely) is caused by consuming too much dairy products.

A great alternative to cow's milk is plant-based milk, which is extremely tasty, healthy and very easy to prepare yourself at home :) In my case, oat and coconut milk are my favorite milk.

Przepis na mleko owsiane | Przepis na mleko kokosowe


   - 1 cup of oatmeal
   - ½ cup of coconut shrims

Both products should be poured with water, boiled for about 15 minutes, cooled down and thoroughly blended, add approx. 2 cups of cooled, boiled water and blend again. Optionally, season with a pinch of Kłodawa salt, strain and, very importantly, store in a glass vessel.


 - 200g coconut shrims
 - 1 liter of water

Pour the chips with water and set aside for a few hours. Then heat to 50 ° C - 60 ° C, blend and drain. Remember to store milk in a glass vessel :)

Summarizing today's pranga entry, it should be noted that each of you is able to easily check the credibility and validity of my approach by taking a dairy-free diet.

I encourage you and I cordially greet you :)