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On the training day, just after the physical exercise is over, the best way to rebuild lost amino acids will be to deliver them to the body as soon as possible. Properly prepared, ready-made BCAA shots will work best in this field for all physically active people. Not only after strength training, but also after a bike trip, requiring a trekking route - this type of product will work great.

Rebuild lost amino acids during training - Choose a ready BCAA shot!

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    Dietary supplement BioTech Usa BCAA Shot is a product based on the highest quality branched chain amino acids, which include l-leucine, l-isoleucine and l-valine. These ingredients are used to reduce breakdown processes (catabolism).

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    Najlepszym sposobem na szybką i skuteczną regenerację potreningową jest porządna dawka aminokwasów rozgałęzionych. Activlab BCAA Xtra Drink Orange to suplement, który zawiera wszystkie składniki niezbędne do szybkiego powrotu do formy!

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    Activlab BCAA Xtra Drink Apple is a non-carbonated drink with a strong energizing effect. High caffeine content stimulates, energizes and allows you to enter training without feeling tired. Already after the first application, it will be possible to maintain the intensity of the training.

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