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WPH hydrolyzate is the highest quality protein obtained in the hydrolysis process, which consists in breaking the long amino acid chains into a simpler one. This makes the hydrolyzate, the best absorbed protein (absorption time about 30 minutes), so the anabolic effect at the highest level. Hydrolyzates are also characterized by excellent solubility, are suitable for allergy sufferers and people with lactose intolerance. It is recommended for sports and strength athletes.

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    BioTech Usa Hydro Whey to wysokiej jakości hydrolizowany izolat białek serwatki o bardzo wysokiej koncentracji protein na poziomie aż 94%. W swoim składzie zawiera jedynie śladowe ilości laktozy i jest doskonale rozpuszczalny w wodzie.

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    BioTech Usa Hydro Whey is a high quality hydrolyzed whey protein isolate with a very high protein concentration of up to 94%. It contains only trace amounts of lactose and is perfectly soluble in water.

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