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Energy gels 

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Energy gels are intended for the so-called Long-distance runners are used by both professionals and amateurs participating in competitions. Their task is to quickly provide energy, increase endurance and restore strength during long, exhausting competition. These types of products include: glucose, polysaccharides, saline, potassium, antioxidants, amino acids, taurine and caffeine. The availability of this type of products is huge, but remember to always try the gel before you finally use it at the competition because each body has an individual need for individual ingredients.

Choose the perfect energy gel for long distances

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    Inkospor Energy Gel is a proposal of high-energy, carbohydrate gel, which, thanks to modern form, you can take with you for each workout.

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    This has not happened yet! Nutrend Turbo Effect Shot is the latest proposal of a high-quality energy gel, which was created from the price or the most up-to-date athletes. In the short term, to work in the final price quality control and quality and strength assessment.

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    IsoPower Gel as a source of carbohydrates contains maltodextrins, which ensure the correct absorption of the gel, which provides 40 g of carbohydrates. This provides enough energy to keep the body in top shape, even at high intensity of effort.

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