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SuperFood are unprocessed products of natural origin, largely organic, without preservatives or artificial colors, but rich in substances that have beneficial health effects, and are relatively rare in nature. These are products rich in valuable nutrients derived directly from mother nature, especially beneficial to our health, well-being and beauty.

Products included in the SuperFood category are characterized by a high content of minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and other chemical compounds that have a beneficial effect on our body. Cannabis foods are also included in the SuperFood product group. In this category you will find, among others flours, chewing gums, honey, seeds, CBD oils and chocolates, as well as dried hemp tea's, supplemented with natural flavors.

In addition, we offer unique mixes that are the perfect combination of SuperFood and CBD. Composed of one hundred percent natural ingredients, with no added sugar, being a combination of several SuperFoods such as Cocoa, dried berries, cinnamon, Chia seeds or green tea extract and a high dose of CBD, they are the perfect complement to a balanced diet. They are ideal for dissolving in water and, for example, as an addition to yogurt. We guarantee that everyone will find something matching their needs among these unique blends.

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