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HMB is a derivative of amino acids, the human body is able to produce HMB from the amino acid l-leucine. The use of this supplement affects the growth of muscle mass. It plays a huge role in people exercising because it prevents muscle damage and reduces protein reductions, accelerates fat burning and has anabolic properties. During intense physical exercise, the body creating energy begins to use proteins, to prevent this process you should take HMB. The substances contained in it cause that the body does not use amino acids only starts to burn fats.

The recommended dose is about 3 grams a day, remember that only reasonable supplementation will bring the expected results without adversely affecting our health.


There are 3 products.
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    The Olimp Hmbolon Mega Caps dietary supplement will supplement your diet with calcium hydroxymethylbutyrate. It will allow rapid growth of pure muscle mass and will allow you to effectively reduce body fat.

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    BioTech Usa HMB 3000 is a high-quality and easily absorbable preparation in the form of powder, which is especially recommended for people who train intensively, both beginners and professionals. The ingredients of the supplement take an active part in the process of building muscle mass, counteract muscle damage and shorten recovery time after training.

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