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MSM is simply Organic Sulfur, which occurs in fresh fruits, vegetables or cereal products, unfortunately it is very delicate and easy to destroy by irradiating or freezing the products we consume. Organic sulfur has amazing healing and prophylactic properties. After calcium and phosphorus, it is the third, the most common mineral in our body, it is a key factor that the body can create the necessary proteins.

Already 5 grams a day in a safe and natural way allows you to get rid of pain and chronic fatigue in disease states such as: fibromyalgia arthritis. MSM also helps in building muscle, nails, hair and skin and in the removal of heavy metals from the body as well as fights migraine and improves concentration. Sulfur repairs damage caused by free radicals restores permeability and elasticity of cell membranes.

Choose adequate supplementation to protect your joints. Check our offer!

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