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Beef proteins are low fat and carbohydrate products, characterized by a fairly high amino acid profile. They are dedicated to people with lactose intolerance, as well as those who are looking for innovative forms of proteins on the market. Beef proteins are created for people who want to improve their strength performance as well as sculpt the figure. As an additional, positive aspect of the product, it is worth noting that consumption of beef proteins promotes the reconstruction of articular cartilage and contributes to the production of collagen.

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    BioTech Usa Beef Protein to jedna z najlepszych dostępnych na rynku odżywek, która bazuje na białku wołowym – zarówno pod kątem składu, jak i unikalnego smaku. Niska zawartość tłuszczu i węglowodanów w połączeniu z kompleksem witamin sprawia, że nie znajdziesz drugiego tak skutecznego produktu!

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    BioTech Usa Beef Protein is one of the best nutrients available on the market, which is based on beef protein - both in terms of composition and unique taste. The low fat and carbohydrate content combined with the vitamin complex means that you will not find a second such effective product!

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