ABC Street Workout, basics of strength training.

ABC Street Workout, basics of strength training.

ABC Street Workout, basics of strength training.

Calisthenic ABC - how and where to start training

Even with such a simple training method as calisthenics, you need to start with the basics and elementary exercises. Just as no one in the gym can immediately squeeze the maximum weight on the incline bench, so here you can not throw yourself on the implementation of such elements as standing on your hands or push-ups on the bar or so-called bar dips. Everything must have its beginning and sense, so that we do not hurt ourselves and are happy to make progress in the exercises.

Why strength training ?

Nothing develops your whole body better than optimally selected training. And there is no better way to train that will slowly introduce us, our muscles, tendons and joints to work, like calisthenics. Exercises with body mass recommended in sports recovery, post-traumatic rehabilitation are the best solution for those who start their adventure with physical activity. Not only will they improve our fitness, but also by building muscle mass will improve our figure and support weight loss. The body burns a lot of calories to maintain muscles, so more workouts = more muscles = faster fat burning. With a properly selected diet, strength training will allow us to achieve great results. Over time, training will make us noticeably more efficient, healthier and confident, elastic step we will cover the whole day, from the moment of painless morning break from bed, to healthy and restful sleep.



Motivated, ready for a challenge.

Unfortunately, it won't take long. Motivation is very important and allows us to determine the reasons why we take this heavy piece of training rock, which we will pull behind, push in front of us and sometimes lift above our heads. Some will be tempted to squeeze the sweat on the bars for dips, because they will crave the attractiveness of the appearance of the FIT model, others will follow the growing fashion for all kinds of activity, and yet there will be a group that, clenching their teeth, will strive for crazy efficiency in performing such strength elements as muscle up, flag, planche and push-ups on one hand standing on their hands (someone saw them? Apparently it is possible ...)

Expectations vs reality

The resultant of our progress, decline in shape, climbing to the next levels of difficulty and progress achieved, disappointments will be like a sine wave. The basis of our assumptions should always be a goal that we can achieve in a relatively short time. If you can't do the classic pump, your goal may be the first diamond pump that can happen to you after 2-3 weeks of exercise (I assure you, it's a great feeling). Then probably there will be disappointment that the possibility of making a series of such diamonds is still a great way, full of discouragement and the thought "Why am I so tired". However, in such moments there is always another small success, such as raising the chin above the bar in the first pull up. Therefore, do not assume that in a month you will learn archery pumps, l-sieve or tuck dips. If it comes to the fact that as a man of a fair working age, after many years of neglect of posture, it may turn out that the joy of blending the painless blades of the shoulder blades hanging on the stick without feeling the fire in the crunchy shoulder joints. Everyone who undertakes training is different and everyone will set different stages of progress differently.

Street Workout or the first multi-joint exercises

Do you remember f-lessons? Boring warm-up, some squats, binoculars (superman), slopes, raising legs on ladders? Everyone was just waiting when they would finally throw the balls. Well, calisthenics are nothing more than a part of the lesson before throwing balls between the kids. Of course, enriched with specific exercises like push-ups and pull-ups, which were in school later, at the end of primary school. As you can see, exercises with your own body weight are so good that they form the basis in physical education of children and developing their motor skills and correct posture. Fortunately, the little older kids come back to these exercises, creating very serious systems out of them and finding them great in groups, and exercising together on more and more often appearing squares for training with their own body weight. The advantage of this training method is that we develop our body evenly in it, involving all muscles and joints of the herds, the name of these exercises - multi-joint. Even in gyms, in the plans for beginners in the use of iron, it is recommended to train with free weights, not isolating machines.

Without equipment, but something will be useful

The incredible advantage of calisthenics is the ability to grow it everywhere, because we have the basic training tool with us all the time - it is our body. However, there are some very useful things that are indispensable as a stick, or can help us achieve progress or expand the scope of exercise. The mentioned bar can be replaced by gymnastic rings, which I really recommend. The wheels will help us at the beginning, if we can't manage to pull ourselves up yet. Suspended at the level of our chest or belt, they will allow you to perform so-called Australian pullups. More advanced students of calisthenics will not only be able to develop strength in push-ups, dips or muscle up, but will significantly require good core stabilization in these exercises. Who has not heard of gymnastic iron cross? The next training device will be all types of handrails, parallets and push-up handles. They are used just like the wheels, but they are not as demanding for the abdominal muscles. A lot of exercise is done on the ground, so exercise mats will definitely be useful. Maintaining the hollow body position for a longer period of time will definitely give us a sense of any unevenness in the floor, ground or protruding pebbles, and good insulation will be most desirable. For exercises as well as for work on tense muscles or their activation, we can help with the help of mini bands and training rubbers, and sometimes it will be necessary to over-roll or work on the trigger points with the ball La Cross. This set of equipment will be more than enough. It is also worth taking care of the right outfit, which will not limit your body movements and distract you during the exercise.



Training methods

The basic method of calisthenic training at the beginning of the road will definitely be FBW or Full Body Workout. As the name suggests, this is whole-body training and can be carried out in two ways - as a circuit training or each exercise is performed in several, usually three series, followed by a change of exercise. In both cases, after each exercise, there is a break, about 30s, and after the finished circuit or series, a break from 60 to 90s. we will not now focus on differences in weight, strength training and different approaches to rest time in these different cases. In addition to FBW, there is also the possibility of splitting the exercises into e.g. push (push-ups), pull (pulling-up) or legs. This system, called SPLIT, is designed for more advanced exercisers who already know their body, its capabilities and are aware of what they expect when conducting such training. To begin with, training three times a week will be the optimal solution. This will not only allow us to implement the body, but also provide the best regeneration, which is a very important element of any, even the most complex training plan. Usually it is arranged during the week, that training days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and other days off, but preferably with other physical activity such as walking, cycling or running. A good solution, if we are not able to arrange a training plan ourselves, and we do not trust the application or ready solutions, it is worth buying a package for a minimum of 6-8 weeks from a trainer whose methods are confirmed by other trainers. A plan prepared in such a way, preceded by an interview and arranged for a specific person, will bring us the greatest benefits.

The most important thing will be, as with any other activity, get started. Tracking trends, browsing video channels and social media will not give us anything without taking any action. Just like the longest journey, here you have to take the first step. Then it will be downhill. Well, sometimes under, but it will be worth it, and our effort will definitely be rewarded.