Detoxification and cleansing the body with supplements

Detoxification and cleansing the body with supplements

Detoxification and cleansing the body with supplements

In today's world in which we live, we are surrounded by a huge amount of chemistry and toxins, which we systematically inhale and consume in excessive amounts every day. So the question arises - How do you "defend" and detoxify to be able to maintain optimal health and well-being ?? Of course, DIET is the basis. However, supplementation is an indispensable element of the optimal diet because we are not able to provide ourselves with the necessary micro and macro elements only by means of diet when we live in the rush of everyday life. Therefore, in this post I would like to raise this important topic and give you some ways you can clean up "to feel lighter and be able to maintain optimal health and a beautiful figure.

A very good way that I check is detoxification by regularly consuming several supplements:

1. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth, also called diatomite, is a soft sedimentary rock formed in cold monons from fossilized algae shells. This wonderful supplement includes:

- 33% silicon
- 19% calcium
- 5% sodium
- 3% magnesium
- 2% iron
- trace amounts of manganese, titanium, copper and boron

Diatomaceous earth naturally cleanses the body, kills parasites, viruses, cleanses the digestive system, is a powerful antioxidant, and most importantly has a tendency to bind heavy metals and remove them from the body. Silicon also has a very positive effect on the condition of bones and joints and collagen synthesis, and it also perfectly cares for the condition of the skin and hair. However, we must remember that the consumption of diatomaceous earth begins with a very small amount, i.e. 1 gram of earth for a glass of boiled water, we drink rather on an empty stomach or during the day - NEVER AT NIGHT! Every week, increasing the dose by 1 gram. In this way, we carry out silicon supplementation for about 6 months. For people who appreciate the convenience of taking supplements, I recommend organic silicon tablets from Aliness.

2. Spirulina

Spirulina is an algae extremely rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and thanks to the content of green chlorophyll it has an antioxidant effect and protects against cancer. Spirulina adds vitality, supports the digestive system and detoxifies the body perfectly. Spirulina can be used in any way, but I must admit that it is not the best taste I suggest a delicious green cocktail, which consists of one ripe mango, two handfuls of spinach, egg yolks and a measuring spoon of spirulina. The whole should be blended and drunk. For people who value every minute of time, I recommend the equally effective closed supplement in a convenient form of Aliness Spirulina Pacyfica 500mg tablets

3. Young barley

Great young barley has so many properties that I don't know where to start. This plant is rich in vitamins and minerals, compared to other plants, young barley is full of essential amino acids that the body does not produce. It has a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antiviral effect, soothes stomach and joint pains and deacidifies the body. In addition, this green plant contains insoluble fiber fractions that regulate the digestive system and reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

And here, as with spirulina, I suggest adding a scoop of barley to the cocktail and drinking it every day

4. Chlorella

The last of my detoxifying four is chlorella, which does not mean that it works the least, on the contrary, this green algae perfectly cleanses the body and has healing properties thanks to the content of amino acids, B vitamins, a huge amount of chlorophyll which is an ideal antioxidant and nucleic acid that regenerates damaged tissue.

When it comes to consuming this dietary supplement, I recommend how to drink a healthy cocktail with the rest of the great four or eat in the form of tablets during the day, without forgetting that their maximum number is 8 pieces.