Hemp - for athletes

Hemp - for athletes

Hemp - for athletes

Each of us wants to be able to improve the quality of our health and well-being. Today, a lot is said about the need to reach for ecological products without chemical components that will significantly increase our energy and improve the functioning of the body. Of course, we should all take care of our health and use a balanced diet, regardless of gender, age or weight, but there are people who pay special attention to taking care of their body. Of course, we are talking about athletes. After all, they require one hundred percent from themselves, so they must provide the body with the right nutrients. The choice of diet, as always, depends on the specifics of the sport and body build - meals for a long-distance runner will differ significantly from those offered to bodybuilders. Regardless of the discipline, everyone who trains must also rely on proper dietary supplementation. There are plenty of possibilities in this area, the sports industry has a lot to offer, but the use of hemp-based products seems much less popular than other solutions based, among others on protein isolate.

Hemp protein and human muscles

A person who begins his adventure with the gym or broadly understood sport is certainly aware that the basic building block of every muscle is protein. If we care about the development of muscle tissue, then without proper supply of this nutrient to our body we will not see satisfactory results even after the hardest workouts. Of course, there are several ways to provide protein. Most of them (such as protein isolate or whey) have already been extensively discussed in both specialized studies and by professional trainers and athletes. However, little is said about so-called hemp proteins, and their use can be extremely effective and significantly contribute to the development of muscle mass. This will be of great importance especially among those without a genetic predisposition to rapid tissue growth. It is therefore worth knowing that hemp seeds contain definitely more protein (we note that it is also of high quality) than e.g. nuts, which is very often indicated as an excellent source of protein.

Interestingly, the protein from this plant is the only protein of plant origin that provides all the most essential amino acids that are most valuable to our body. That is why it can be successfully used e.g. by vegans and vegetarians who cannot reach for ingredients of animal origin. Thanks to the use of hemp proteins, we can count on effective body regeneration, development of muscle tissue and improvement of the overall functioning of the body, which is crucial during and after training.

It is also worth noting that hemp proteins are a great solution when treating protein deficiency. Lack of this nutrient can manifest itself in a significant reduction in immunity, apathy and a sharp decrease in physical strength. In such situations, it is necessary to properly supply proteins to the body, and those contained in cannabis is great for this.

Effective and healthy muscle growth

The basic amino acid needed to build muscle tissue is undoubtedly BCAA. Usually we provide them to the body with food, but for people who care about their figure and try to expand their muscle tissue, it is also worth providing them through supplementation. Hemp seeds, rich in this amino acid, are sometimes called natural superfoods, because without any additives they perfectly affect the functioning of the human body. Many athletes have a problem is the need to look for supplements without chemical additives that often affect health. Using hemp-based protein, we provide ourselves with a 100% natural composition - without any auxiliaries or artificial substances, with highly concentrated, quality proteins supported by a wealth of vitamins and minerals.

The basic problem of novice athletes is the almost complete need to not eat. Eating small portions of food or sweets outside the main meals can effectively waste our efforts resulting from the adherence to the often restrictive diet. Of course, supplement manufacturers and healthy lifestyle promoters are looking for different ways to eliminate this problem. However, it turns out that people using hemp-based protein supplementation don't have such problems. This is due to the high fiber content. It has a dual effect. First, it improves the functioning of the digestive system, and secondly - it causes a feeling of satiety for many hours. Thanks to this, we don't have to worry about snacking and breaking the diet, we also improve our digestive system. Fiber is often indicated as a nutrient helping in weight loss, which will certainly be appreciated by people trying to get rid of excess fat. Let's not forget about its health-promoting properties, such as lowering the likelihood of developing heart disease, it is even said about its anti-cancer effect.

How cannabis proteins support physical exercise ?

Everyone who starts playing sports must take into account unpleasant soreness and general muscle pain for a day or two after training. It is often able to effectively discourage beginners from physical effort. Thanks to the use of hemp in our diet, we can significantly reduce the inconvenience caused by our body's failure to adapt to increased effort. CBD (i.e. an organic chemical compound obtained from hemp) causes that our body is more relaxed and muscles - relaxed. Faster regeneration also allows you to more effectively get rid of the unpleasant feeling caused by the presence of lactic acid after intense training. However, this is not all. Hemp products should be used by athletes also because they significantly contribute to increasing collagen fibers. It naturally strengthens joints and bones, preventing injuries.

CBD has a positive effect on metabolism. By using supplementation based on hemp extract, we can be sure that we will burn calories faster. Therefore, they do not accumulate in our adipose tissue, allowing our muscles to grow naturally. It is also worth mentioning the somewhat psychological effect of hemp supplementation. Due to the fact that the effects of providing it to the body are relatively quick and easily noticeable, people who have it in their supplementation feel much more motivated to continue training. Visible progress clearly translates into a sense of success, and a motivated athlete is obviously an athlete who wants to develop further. It is therefore worth offering this type of treatment to people who feel a blocking decrease in motivation and do not want to continue exercising.

Hemp products have an extremely comprehensive effect on people practicing sports, so it is worth using them in supplementation to significantly increase their sports performance, increase motivation and accelerate the building of muscle tissue. They can be used in absolutely any sport. Thanks to their 100% natural composition, they have only a positive effect on the functioning of the body. Hemp seeds contain up to 50% pure protein (for comparison - beef has only 30%). It does not matter that it is of plant origin. Thanks to this, it can be used even by people who, for various reasons, cannot eat meat. It is the best protein that our body needs for effective muscle building, so it should definitely be used by athletes - both professional ones who take part in competitions, and hobbyists who play sports for health and improving their condition. Cannabis is becoming more and more popular and you hear more and more about their benefits and health-promoting properties. However, it turns out that they are effective not only when fighting various ailments and illnesses, but also when you want to increase your sports performance.