Naturalnie Zdrowe Erytrol Naturalny Słodzik | Healthy sugar substitute
Naturalnie Zdrowe Erytrol Naturalny Słodzik - 500g View larger

Naturalnie Zdrowe Erytrol Naturalny Słodzik - 500g


There are many substitutes for traditional sugar on the market. However, it is difficult to buy a product that would be suitable not only for sweetening drinks, but also for preparing pastries or healthy desserts, and at the same time its price was affordable for the ordinary consumer.

Naturalnie Zdrowe

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Advantages and properties of erythrole

Why choose erytrol? First of all, it is a completely natural product. Erythrol is found in fruit and some fermented products. Its biggest advantage is that although it is almost as sweet as sugar - it has about 75% of the sweetness of natural sugar - it contains much less calories. For comparison, in 1 gram of sugar there is about 4 kcal, and in 1 gram of erytrole, only 0.21 kcal! Importantly, erytrol does not cause glucose spikes. It is therefore safe for people on a diet with a low glycemic index. In addition, erytrol, unlike sugar, is safe for teeth.

Erythrol - dosage

In addition, the properties of erytrole are very similar to sugar, making it ideal for baking, sweetening drinks or preparing healthier versions of desserts. Unlike other sweeteners, erytrol does not change its taste during heat treatment.

It is perfect for baking, sweetening drinks or preparing healthier versions of desserts.


500 g

Servings per package:


Daily portion:

5 g - 10 g

Nutritional value:

in 100 g


Energy value

0,0kJ / 0,2kcal





 - saturated fatty acids






 - including sugars

0 g











*%RI - Reference intake value for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)

Ingredients: erytrol 100%

Country of origin: China

The plant uses raw materials containing: gluten, sesame, various nuts.

The expiration date and batch number are on the packaging.

Keep tightly closed in a dry and cool place.

The packaging may look different depending on the lot.

MANUFACTURER: NATURALLY HEALTHY Barbara Bućko 05-420 Józefów ul. Matejki 4

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