Extensor Insole WPI 97% 1kg - Natural taste in its purest form ✅
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Extensor - Izolat WPI 97% - 1kg


Dietary supplement Extensor Isolate 97% to 100% whey isolate and as much as 97% protein concentration in 100 grams of product. The natural taste combined with the purest, the most isolated protein available on the market makes it one of the most effective preparations in its class.


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  • The best high-protein preparation on the market

  • 97% protein in a serving

  • Strengthens the body's immunity and supports regeneration processes

  • It is obtained from pasteurized whey in a selective ion exchange process

  • Thanks to the high biological value it allows to build much more muscle tissue

Great potential

Extensor Izolat 97% is the best high-protein preparation, which in its composition contains 100% whey protein isolate, protein concentration up to 97%, which makes it a leader in terms of economy and effectiveness. The nutrient is obtained from pasteurized whey in the process of selective ion exchange. This innovative technology enables efficient separation of all basic nutritional proteins found in whey - beta-lactoglobulin and alpha-lactoglobulin. This method also allowed for complete elimination of lacosa.

Outstanding action

The product Extensor Izolat 97% will supplement the protein deficiency in the body, which arises during increased demand (intense endurance training, competitive sports, bodybuilding), as well as during a low-calorie diet (reduction diet) or convalescence . The supplement significantly strengthens the body's immunity and supports all regeneration processes. Thanks to the extremely high biological value, it allows you to build more muscle tissue than using other nutrients and preparations. Regular supplementation combined with intensive strength training ensures maximum increases in high-quality muscle and strength.

3 tablespoons (about 30g - 1 portion) pour into a glass, dissolve gently with stirring and gradually pouring about 200 ml of boiled water.

The product can be added to dishes.

Depending on the individual need for protein, on average 1-2 servings daily in the morning after getting up, between meals or just before bedtime, athletes perform 1-3 servings a day, of which one 30-40 min. after training.

Packaging: 1 kg
Servings per package: 33
Daily dose: 30 g
Nutritional value: 30 g
Whey protein (in% s.m.) min 97
Fat (in% s.m.) max 0.9
Lactose product does not contain lactose product does not contain lactose
Energy Value (in 100g) 1587 kJ / 379 kcal
Iron in mg / 100g 2.0
Calcium in mg / 100g 125.0
Magnesium in mg / 100g 25.0
Aminokwas Average compact in g / 100g of product
Alanine 4,58
Arginine 2,24
Aspartic acid 10,77
Cystine 2.88
Glutamic acid 15,99
Glycine 1.60
Histidine amino acid exogenous 2.13
Isoleucine exogenous amino acid, BCAA 5,22
Leucine exogenous amino acid, BCAA 11.51
Lysine amino acid exogenous 10,77
Methionine amino acid exogenous 2,24
Phenylalanine amino acid exogenous 3,41
Proline 4.26
Serine 2.66
Threonine amino acid exogenous 4.26
Tryptophan amino acid exogenous 2.66
Tyrosine 3,41
Valine exogenous amino acid, BCAA 5.33
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