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Trec - L-Carnityne 3000 - 500ml


Trec L-Carnityne 3000 in a modern, convenient form of liquid concentrate is nothing but pure L-carnitine, which in combination with a reduction diet and physical activity will help you get satisfactory results!

Trec Nutrition

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  • Cherry
  • Apricot
  • Pink Grapefruit

  • Supports lipid metabolism

  • Increases energy production

  • A high dose of liquid L-carnitine

Do you dream about a wonderful silhouette? Do not hesitate!

Fat burner from Trec Nutrition effectively intensify the loss of unnecessary fat tissue, supporting the development of a figure you always dream about! Flawlessly transforms fat into energy and increases the exercise capacity of your body. Thanks to this you can start an intense, long-lasting workout without feeling tired! L-Carnityne 3000 burns body fat, lowers cholesterol and supports normal heart function. Does not that sound tempting?

Ultrafast action

Trec L-Carnityne 3000 thanks to the liquid form increases the production of energy from fat, immediately before exercise. L-carnitine contained in the Trec diet supplement increases the body's efficiency, counteracts fatigue and accelerates the reduction of unnecessary body fat, which you want to get rid of so much! In addition, it limits the creation and storage of fat in the body, so you can say goodbye to it once and for all!

Highest quality!

High dose of liquid L-carnitine, improvement of training effects, increased energy and motivation to act, and above all effective fat burning are the most important advantages of Trec L-Carnityne 3000! From now on, each workout will bring visible results, and regular supplementation will improve the transformation of body fat into strong muscles!

Disposable portion of the preparation - 12.5 ml to be used once a day, preferably for 30 minutes. before a meal or training.

Shake before use. The product can be dissolved in water.


500 ml

Servings per package:


Daily portion

25 ml

Active ingredients:

12,5 ml

25 ml


1500,00 mg

3000,00 mg

Shake before use. The product can be dissolved in water.

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