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BioTech Usa - Hmb 3000 - 200g


BioTech Usa HMB 3000 is a high-quality and easily absorbable preparation in the form of powder, which is especially recommended for people who train intensively, both beginners and professionals. The ingredients of the supplement take an active part in the process of building muscle mass, counteract muscle damage and shorten recovery time after training.

BioTech Usa

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  • Minimizes the breakdown of muscle tissue!

  • Supports muscle regeneration!

  • It supports the growth of muscle mass!

  • Supports the immune system!

Hmb Biotech = Quality

The BioTech Usa product effectively supports our immune system. HMB 3000 supports the reduction of body fat, improving our exercise capacity during various aerobic exercises. Dietary supplement has a positive effect on reducing protein breakdown during training. As a result, your muscles will be in an anabolic state for longer, which will have a positive effect on the potential for lean muscle mass. BioTech Usa HMB 3000 minimizes the pain of all our muscles, supporting the immune system.

BioTech HMB reviews

Dietary supplement BioTech Usa HMB 3000 was created especially for people whose workouts are extremely intense and unwanted catabolic processes are the strongest. It protects our skeletal muscles against breakdown during exhausting sessions. HMB effectively limits the breakdown of proteins in our muscles during exercise, supporting our immune system. Regular supplementation with BioTech Usa is also beneficial during slimming diets - it effectively supports the reduction of body fat and improves oxygen efficiency. The composition of the supplement will not find enhancers and banned substances.

On training days, take a second portion immediately after training.

On non-workout days, take before or during meals.

Use 3 g HMB 3000 twice a day

For best results, mix HMB 3000 with a high protein dietary supplement.


200 g

 Servings per package:


 Daily portion:

6 g

Active ingredients:

in portion

HMB hydroksymetylomaślan

3 g

Ingredients: Beta-hydroxy-beta methylbutyrate monohydrate [82% beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB)]

For best results, mix HMB 3000 with a high protein dietary supplement.

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