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ProPharm ProIsolate 1000g


Propharm Pro Isolate is a dietary supplement that provides the organism with the best biological value, easily absorbed by the body, without unnecessary ingredients. High-quality WPI protein is distinguished by the high bioavailability of branched chain amino acids. The protein contributes to the growth of muscle mass, helps in maintaining muscle mass and supports the maintenance of healthy bones.


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Powerful protein power

The preparation has been enriched with easily digestible proteins, which are necessary during the recovery of muscle cells. They play an important role during various metabolic changes taking place in our body. They are an extremely important element, especially for people who train intensively. During training, we lose a lot of energy, and eating proteins during exercise guarantees the increase in the efficiency of each training series. Proteins build muscles, which thanks to them become even stronger and more durable. Therefore, if you like intensive training - this supplement was created especially for you.

Composition of working wonders

The lack of sweeteners, unnecessary additives and supplements guarantees very fast assimilation of proteins after using a dietary supplement. The high protein content of the highest quality WPI allows for quick training effects. Taking Propharm Pro Isolate has a positive effect on maintaining healthy and functioning bones. If you lead an active and intense lifestyle - take care of your muscles with this supplement. Each workout will bring even more satisfaction and willingness to continue working.

3 tablespoons (about 30g - 1 portion) pour into a glass, dissolve gently with stirring and gradually pouring about 200 ml of boiled water.

Depending on individual protein requirements, on average 1-2 servings daily in the morning after getting up, between meals or just before bedtime, athletes perform 1-3 servings a day, of which one is 30-40 min. after workout.

The product can be added to dishes.

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