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Iron Horse Series - Double Impact 2.0 - 280g


Arginine proven Iron Horse Series activator Double Impact 2.0 is the perfect pre-workout stack for people who want to improve their strengths. The product contains two essential ingredients that work synergistically and thus extremely effectively.

Iron Horse Series

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  • Innovative ingredient - N-carbamoyl glutamate!

  • It supports the extension of muscle mass

  • Maximum "muscle pump"

Effective action

By using the IHS Double Impact 2.0 dietary supplement , everyone will feel the "pump" long after the workout. N-Carbamoyl Glutamate is the metabolite of arginine. Sensational effect on the relaxation of the vascular endothelium, which leads to the widening of the cross section of all blood vessels in the body, and in particular the arteries. A wider artery can transport much more blood and nutrients to all working muscles. The product significantly accelerates post-workout regeneration and increases muscle mass, while improving efficiency and supporting the process of cleansing muscles.

Unbeatable ingredients

AAKG is the basic substrate in the biosynthesis of nitric oxide, which has an extremely broad spectrum of action on the endothelium of the blood vessels, causing their expansion. This causes a sudden increase in blood flow through the muscles, improving their supply with more oxygen and nutrients. It definitely increases the anabolism of muscle proteins and indirectly influences muscle growth by increasing their strength and endurance. N-carbamoyl Glutamate , contained in Double Impact , arises in the body as a result of the decarboxylation of arginine. Like arginine, it is a precursor of nitric oxide. This compound also has the ability to intensify the lipolysis process, i.e. fat burning.

1 serving of 5g for 30 minutes before intense exercise.


280 g

Servings per package:


Daily dose:


Active ingredients:

in a serving

*% RI

Alfa-Ketoglutaran arginine

3200 mg


Citrulline malate

1400 mg


N-carbamoyl glutamate

300 mg


Vitamin B1

5 mg


*% RI - Reference intake value for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)

Components: Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, citrulline malate, N-carbamoyl glutamate, thiamine hydrochloride; sweetener: sucralose; anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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